Software Development

Software Development

Developing mobile based app is not an ardent task but a cake walk for our highly trained staff. We design both native, web, hybrid mobile application. A native app is built entirely using platform specific code which is IOS SDK for I phone android SDK for android,NET for windows etc. Native apps are fastest, most reliable and most responsive to users. Native apps can tap into wider functionality of device including camera microphone, accelerometer compass and swipe gestures

We also design web based applications. A web-based application loads within a mobile browser like chrome and safari. Now with web based apps your storage woes have gone.

Web apps use javascript, CSS HTML5 or other languages. Web apps are economically viable but has less interactive user interface and are slower native apps.

Hybrid apps are build using cross compatible web technologies likeHTML5, CSS, JavaScript. They are faster, easier to develop than the native apps but won’t be as fast as a native app when the app is accessed. As end user still has to rely on browser for opening the app


We are living in a dynamic technological environment and telecom sector is not alien to that. World Wide Web, mobile communication, telephony etc. will bring complete bedlam in the telecom industry if not managed properly.

Leave that apart, the main challenges that telecom industry is facing currently is security loopholes and call snooping (infamous snoop gate scandal of US is right example learn from and to keep your organisations safe from snooping the data of your customers)

We do provide software solution to leading telecom companies across the globe. Our products designed for telecom sector are customer oriented and efficacious. Our team is fully acquainted with skills and ready to deal with issues related to call snooping, network security, support, maintenance and number of vexed problems encountered by the clientele in the telecom sector.