Autocare Workshop Software

AutoCare Workshop Software

Born to keep your Automobile workshops ahead of competition AutoCare Workshop Software is a user-friendly integrated Erp system that operates in real time, designed for businesses dealing with automobile workshops.

AutoCare Workshop Software will enable our clientele to generate printed invoices, reports, stock control, manage profits, labour and inventory management, develop a database of potential customers, settlement of insurance claims and what not. Our software is not the only in business but preferred by our clientele for their workshops.

Our motive is to serve the clientele by meeting their expectation. It is our unwavering commitment towards our valuable customers that has made us follow through and shine. Our interactive AutoCare Workshop Software is gaining global acclaim due to diverse features which it provides to clientele across the globe.

We are aware of the requirement of heath care sector and if you need any support regarding aHMS our team will provide it 24*7


Cost and Inventory control system

Inventory control is critical for any organization whether large or small, as it is directly associated with costs. With AutoCare Workshop Software you will have a better idea of inventory in your warehouses. For instance, you have purchased the bulk of material from the suppliers but your stock is not selling, you simply can postpone your commitments with the suppliers through our interactive admin controls.


You will be able to generate quotation for the new clients by feeding standard sample data into the AutoCare Workshop Software, which will give you an estimate of the cost associated. This practice saves your precious time enabling you to concentrate on your core activity.

Fully automated invoice system

Fact it is, we all are worried about our bills, and so are the clients. AutoCare Workshop Software generates printed invoices with detailed description about services availed and taxes imposed .providing precise details will ensure customer loyalty


Before introducing our automated Erp system for automobile workshops, our clientele were unable to keep track of the booking as the process was filled with bedlam, now it is just a cake walk. Anyone having access and little know how about the functioning of our ERP can keep track of day to day booking. With this, you will be able to meet the clientele deadlines

Settlement of insurance claims

AutoCare Workshop Software is fully automated Erp system which lets you keep all the data in an organized manner without any bedlam. Now you can easily help your clientele in insurance settlement by keeping a liaison with insurance companies and providing precise data at a proper time.

Job card

A module of AutoCare Workshop Software in which details of the job to be performed is captured. Job are assigned to maintenance workers and accordingly instruction are passed. Job card details include customer details, vehicle details and details about the work to be performed.

Customer data base

AutoCare Workshop Software comes with different modules which are integrated together to provide an array of functions to end user. The software helps us to store customer information like name vehicle type etc. which can be used for contacting the customer

Labour controls

This module will let you know the efficiency and effectiveness of a labour assigned on a job at a particular time and day. For instance, two mechanics are putting up on two jobs which have similar requirements, you can easily calculate their efficiency by checking their login and logout time, work they have completed on the job.
Based on this you can assign ranks to your human resource like mechanics, painters etc. which will motive low performers to do more.

Keep the client updated

Our module lets you send emails, Sms that too without having to access your mobile device. With this you will remain in touch with your customer receiving and sharing vital feedback. You can also send promotion material through this as well

Stock control

Whenever an automobile workshop buys or sells stocks our AutoCare Workshop Software automatically updates it position thereby enabling our client to know the current availability of stocks in work shops


It provides a daily overview of work in progress or completed. You have to enter payouts and system will keep track of all the sales closed for the day. It is advised to generate daily reports for maintaining effective audit control and for record keeping.

Daily reports can be generated by client name, addresses, vehicle number, chaises, registration number etc.

Debtor’s reports (Accounts receivable)
     Keep an eye on your growth
     One stop access to all your sales, labour, inventory and stock related movements.
     Keep track on labour shortage and costs
     Generate statements and daily invoices, payment registers for record
     Prepare reports against stock shortage, useless inventory
Creditor’s reports (Accounts payable)

Purchasing a raw material or product is the first step for most businesses. When businesses are wholly and solely depend on raw material, it becomes imperative to keep track of purchases and process associated with. This module incorporates following features.

Supplier invoice

When your purchases arrive, a supplier invoice is fetched into the software which automatically credits your existing stock position. If a new stock is entering your shop, you have a liberty to add it manually in software without exiting supplier invoice.

Purchase to job

You can divert a part of stock directly to a job at the time of filling supplier invoice. This helps you to plug any stock shortage gaps and hence saves your precious time.

Purchase to order

With our interactive and user- friendly AutoCare Workshop Software you can order parts to a stock or a job, which can be initiated by you manually or using auto order option. This privilege is available if you maintain minimum and maximum stock level.

Supplier payment

This module will help you to analyze all outstanding dues to be paid to suppliers. This will also let you segregate your purchases on the basis of suppliers, stocks, purchase type, purchase mode etc.