aPay Payment Gateway Systems

aPay Payment Gateway Systems

As the world has stepped into a digital age, customers are preferring payment gateway systems to make their payments. However, with this increasing trend for online payments demands a transaction system to be highly secure, safe and easy to use.

To meet the customer requirement aPay Payment Gateway engine for processing credit card, e-check, debit card, EBPP, and other transactions was introduced by ASPL.

Our gateway engine meets all PCI DSS guidelines. aPay Payment Gateway doesn’t require any software for functioning but can be handled remotely. The gateway is easy to use and can handle a high volume of transactions

Our platform and gateway is available to financial institutions, acquiring banks, payment service providers, and large merchants as Platform as a Service (PaaS).

What sets aPay Payment Gateway system apart?

    Our gateway engine meets all PCI DSS guidelines.
    Complete fraud protection by using cutting edge technologies at disposal.
    Interactive Graphical user interface.
    Powerful workflow flow, which operates in conjunction with the accounting engine and is used as control and manage all the processes.
    Able to generate reports, so that you won’t face any issue in front of independent quality analysts.
    Multiple delivery channels including E-banking, Credit Debit Cards, mobile banking and SMS banking, enabling online management of Merchant accounts via any modern communication channel.