Aremit Money Transfer System

aRemit Money Transfer System

Our money transfer system is very helpful for an organisation dealing with cross-border remittances. Large banks and institutions dealing with remittances can take benefit of a Remit Money Transfer System and other Value-Added Services such as Online Customer Portal, e-Wallet & m-Wallet Accounts, Prepaid Card Top-ups and Bill Payments via multiple channels.

aRemit Money Transfer System has completely a SAAS based module, which doesn’t require any hardware to be brought and saves the customer from investment in software. There are other options available like online and mobile transfer systems, sale option. You can choose the Sale option and have the system hosted in your own environment without having to worry about monthly or per transaction costs.

We customize our products, so as to make sure they align with your needs.

Key benefits

    Remittance can be done by our clientele via a number of modes like e-banking, ATM, mobile phones,POS etc.
    Web-based API integration, File transfer protocol, file upload and download interfaces for insertion and delivery of transaction to and from your agents.
    With auto routing technique you are assured an instant delivery of remittance without any delays.
    You can avail our data migration services to migrate your data of remitters, beneficiaries and transaction from existing systems to current system.
    We provide 24*7 customer service and support.
    Our systems are customised to mitigate risks associated with KYC, AML compliance via auditors report, blacklisting, volume check, velocity checks, suspicious checks and authority reports by Gabriel and Austrac.