Digital Wallet System

aWallet Digital Wallet Systems

If you were looking for fast, reliable, interactive wallet system then, probably your wait is over. aWallet Digital Wallet system is a white label, robust and scalable electronic wallet software system for companies providing alternate payment methods.

a Wallet Digital Wallet system can be used by financial institutions, retailers, payment service providers, merchants, banks, telecom operators, utility providers etc. to ease out their payment processing needs.

By using a Wallet Digital Wallet system, you can do transaction in any currency and win loyalty point, coupons, tokens aWallet Digital Wallet provides enough privileges to the user to do the transaction via internet, mobile phone devices and/or via magnetic stripe cards, private-label cards and Near Field Communications (NFC) equipped devices. With the use of a Wallet Digital Wallet system, you can literally do multiple credits to your wallet via credit card, debit card,neft,e-banking etc. For withdrawal, a wallet user Is provided with branded master card or debit card.

We have kept the provision for a refund in case customer is not satisfied with the service provided.

Striking features of a wallet

    Branded master cards for withdrawal.
    Bulk payments
    Money transfers in every currency.
    API equipped which helps in reduction of transactional costs and avoid the abuse of chargeback procedures.