Consulting Services

At ALMUQEET client is considered as an asset and part of our family and this has been inculcated into our core value. We try to serve the customer accordingly. With our trained professionals who have heaps of experience in software and hardware trade, what you get is a quality experience. Before developing a software we develop prototypes on specifications received from clientele and act accordingly.


Every business whether small or large is trying make it processes and system online, as it has become feasible for the customers to interact and make transitions online. Keeping this in mind, a secure online payment gateway system is need of an hour for companies accepting transactions electronically.Almuqeet has an expert team of QSA partners, Security professionals, Experienced Software developers, who have acumen to ensure that your product(s) infrastructure, Servers and any devices transmitting or storing card holder data are PCI DSS compliant.


In order to help an organisation achieve PSS DSS compliance, we provide an array of services that let them secure their gateway systems. Whether you require an ROC audit or support completing an SAQ (usually SAQ B-IP, SAQ-C, SAQ C-VT, SAQ-D or SAQ P2P), our professionals are ready to mitigate your problems PCI DSS scoping and gap analysis

This is the first step in checking the lacunae in your existing systems. Our experts do a in depth analysis that include:

    Assessment of your PSI DSS requirement.
    Analysis of card holder data environment.
    Analysis of devices, network in use.
    Locating current card holders storage locations.
    Checking the dependency on third party service providers.
    A complete review of existing inventory and data flow.
    Locating and fixing loopholes in the system.

Implementation and remediation

After the completion of initial gap analysis phase now is the type to let our experts get practical and the apply PSI DSS requirement in your organisation.

PCI compliance audit and Report on Compliance (ROC)

Our independent qualified security professionals will help you in conducting independent security audit and will also generate report on compliance (ROC).

Maintenance and continual improvement

In order to keep your transaction secure, we keep ourselves available 24*7 with our service you will continuously improve on PCI DSS requirements.


With increasing innovations in IT sector, it has become inevitable for companies to upgrade from slow networks to more efficient, secure and mobile connection. This transition of technology could be costly, so you require proper guidance from our experts in achieving this transitions.

We will analyse your business needs thereby provide you a cost effective business solution. Our trained staff will help you throughout the project life.

Designing an IT environment to support your ERP systems, business analytics software, or other mission-critical applications, is more than a “sizing exercise” or “plug-n-play”. It is an inter-related project of its own, which is key to the success of any overall technology solution. To ensure a successful infrastructure implementation, the entire portfolio of applications must be considered.

    Needs and Solutions Analysis.

Our consultants will access your existing infrastructure and provide you best solutions accordingly

    Transition planning and advice.

If you are planning to migratefrom the previous system, we will provide you expert advice ,so that you won’t face any problems

    Systems Integration Services.

With the help of our engineers, your existing systems can be easily integrated with new systems.

    Continued Support.

We are ready to support and fix your issues 24*7 so that your business won’t get affected


Digital Marketing services to bring more of right people to your website and keep you ahead of the curve.


Does your website reach your customers?

You have availed the services of best content writer and graphic designer for your website but that hardly matter when your website is invisible on search engines.

Seo is a strategy by which visibility of websites can be influenced on search engines but over a long run. Seo has become a vital tool in today’s virtual world to bring traffic to the websites and help in lead generation. Our dedicated team focuses on different aspects by which traffic can be enhanced to the website like

    Using online Seo tools
     In-depth research on customer search trends
    Inserting appropriate keywords
     Writing Seo friendly content

At ASPL our commitment with the client is absolute, keeping this in mind we provide natural search results for web sites that last long

What set us apart?

Result oriented We walk the talk. We have a result oriented manpower

Increased traffic Your website is not a drop in the ocean but a pearl our SEO professionals use white hat techniques to increases traffic of your website thereby making it omnipresent and visible on search engines

Revenue generation With the increase in traffic more clients will visit your website and enquire about products and services you are offering. Many will end up buying them thereby giving boost to revenues.

Social media management (SMM)

In order to gain wider access to the marketplace, dependence on conventional tools is not a wise strategy. Therefore, social media can provide a helping hand to reach the target audience. We help you to manage your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter LinkedIn, youtube etc. We post, share, tweet and upload relevant content on your behalf so that your connections remain tuned.

By making your presence felt in social media circles, we make sure your voice reaches your desired target

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Internet has been a dominating force affecting customers buying or selling preferences across the globe. it has become inevitable to keep your website i.e. your main bridge with customers visible on google and other search engines.

We hardly go through a website which is on a third or fourth page of a search if your customers are running away to your competitor this might be the reason.

We at ASPL employ strategies like organic Seo, PPC and campaigning on social media which increases your ranking across all search engines

Architecture design consulting

As you are aware of the fact that designing software architecture is a vexed and costly affair therefore consulting becomes necessary to prevent design failures. At ASPL, we have a team of dedicated consultants who are trained to guide and advise you on architecture designing.

We try to keep it simple

What we do is an in-depth analysis of your requirement and provide solutions accordingly. We have a vast experience in design consulting from prototyping to product development and hence can provide required advise on every stage of PLC

What we do:

    We develop consistent and robust models, specification, testing, and system architecture, both in hardware and software division.

    Continuous Performance reviews to keep us on track so that we meet the quality parameters viz performance, efficiency, security, etc.

    Managing data migration and consistency.

    System decomposition into structural elements to pay attention to development productivity.