Managed Services

Managed services

We are living in a virtual world and at ASPL, our network engineer keeps an eye on your network and make sure your network is fast, reliable and free from malicious intrusions that too on competitive rates.

    Fix issues before they become exigency

Our network management service let you get real-time insights about the speed, memory, security of network before it is too late.

    Cost efficacious

Our network management service is not cheap but cost effective. Let our service engineer concentrate on your network and relive your IT team to do what it is doing.

    No Downtime

By providing real-time insights about the functioning of the network we are minimizing any chances of downtime. If we find any problem in your network like down we will fix it without costing your business.

    Dealing with security related issues

Our network engineers are completely aware of your network security requirements. We have set modalities related to password management, firewall intrusions which will make it difficult for unauthorized users to penetrate the network. This will prevent data leakage, theft and will give you complete peace of mind.

    Log management

By installing security related tools is not enough really. Firewalls reveal a lot of facts as far as security of the network is concerned .our engineers analyse all the firewall traffic and detect loopholes if any.


Server management and business growth have become interrelated particularly in IT industry. They both go hand in hand. While you can’t afford to divert your core competencies to handle complex server related issues, you can outsource your server related woes to Almuqeet systems. server manage1Our trained staff will help you to keep your servers fast, reliable and secure.

Backed by certified Microsoft and red hat professionals, we provide unmatched server management services to clientele across globe.

What our server management professionals do:

    Decrease server down time.
    Increase server security.
    Prevent data leakage.
    Round the clock service.


Dreaming is not a sin but that dream should be quantifiable and if you are dreaming of beating the competition without application management system, your dream seems to be vague.Applications are becoming part and parcel of every organisation from banking to e-commerce everyone is getting inclined to it. There is an obvious reason to this inclination which is customers are preferring online mode to do their transactions.

An application is that resource of the organisation that can generate revenue and help in profit maximization provided it is properly managed.

Keeping all the facts into consideration, our team of trained engineers and IT professionals who have heaps of experience will ensure that your application is

     User friendly


This is one of the areas where ASPL have excelled .As our call centre representative deliver exceptional results, your business is bound to reach the epitome of success.

We provide voice, live chat email support to our clientele that too on economically viable rates

Our staff has been acquainted with soft and hard skills so that a customer is effectively tapped. Going with the adage customer is the king, it has become difficult for organizations to keep themselves aligned and remain in the competition. With our reliable and goal-oriented agents, we assure you best customer experience worldwide

In bound call centre service

It is a common practice for any inbound call centre to receive calls from agitated customers asking for better customer support and service of your product. Our call centre agents not only provide them with all the information but also are trained in generating leads for your businesses. Every call that we receive at our call centre is effectively dealt with.

Out bound call centre service

If you are worried about sales, then Almuqeet outbound call centre service is the best solution to end your woes. We have experienced and trained staff who have acumen in lead generation, lead closure, sales maximization, revenue generation, profit maximization etc.

Appointment service

Time is decisive for every organisation, so it is necessary to use it judiciously and in a right way. We at Almuqeet can fix a prior appointment on behalf of your organisation. Our team will forward only those appointments that are completely qualified .if the customer is in a dilemma we will try to engage with him and make him ready for sales