Carrier Grade SMS Aggregation System
Retail and Carrier Level SMS Aggregators and Service providers

aSMS SMS Aggregation Platform is a SMPP v 3.4 compatible Highly Scalable and Secure Turn‐Key Solution for SMS Service Providers who desire to run a profitable Global Wholesale and Bulk SMS operation.

aSMSC extensively supports WEB - SMPP - HTTP & SIGTRAN Interoperability, delivering service assurance while enabling perfect connectivity among SMS Carriers and Applications. aSMSC enables you to run Two-way messaging business, Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT).

You can use aSMSC to provide below Services

The system allows you to process up to 2000 SMS per second (2000 SMS Throughput) and offers SMPP Server, SMPP Client, wholesale customer panel, retail customer panel, reseller panel, and an admin panel application for you to manage the operations, you can create unlimited administrative users and can surely limit the different access levels by managing the roles allotted to the admin users.

To get started, all you need is a Virtual or Dedicated server, with RAM and CPU size as per your desired TPS throughput, and one SMPP connection with operators to kick start your MO/MT messaging business.

Are you a Reseller and Looking for a Ready to use SMPP Server?

Are you tired of handling your Clients as a reseller, and are looking for a ready to use SMPP Server to manage your SMS Business, aSMSC is a single platform which can be used to run your Domestic & International SMS aggregation services under a Single Platform / Panel.

aSMSC is bundled with various Retail SMS business management tools and modules to Manage your Clients, Resellers or Distributors, you can manage individual Pricing and Routing for all your users, Destinations, operators with ease, and options for White-Labelling for your Resellers.

aSMSC SMPP Server is a powerful product developed over years using the SMPP Protocol and can be easily integrated with various operators, service providers, SMS Aggregators with ease.

Started with aSMSC Retail with prices Starting $499!

aSMSC empowers you to offer robust, scalable and manageable inbound SMS services to your Clients, it allows you to route SMS received over short code and long code numbers to User Inbox, HTTP API, your users Web Application.

You can dynamically create up to three level keywords and route them to various user inboxes or external applications, manage reply (MT) routes, set auto reply Content, and set-up pricing and billing on per SMS basis, Monthly rental or setup charges.

Reseller panels are also available for MO SMS business verticals, so you can simple assign as many short codes, long codes or keywords to your resellers or end users.

aSMSC is a complete carrier grade SMS server for SMS aggregators looking for a reliable carrier-to-carrier and retail SMS platform. aSMSC guarantees quality SMS termination across the globe with robust Routing and Billing modules.

aSMSC comes with a ready to go set of Modules and features, some of which are listed below.


High Throughput

Load Balancing

Advance Billing

Failover routing

Transactional & OTP SMS API

Queue and Job management

Pre-Integrated Payment gateways

Customised Reporting

Volume Management

Wholesale SMS Hubbing

A2P and P2A Termination

Marketing Campaigns

Localized DND Database

Number Database Management

HLR checks

Reseller Management

International & Domestic SMS termination

Module based Access control

SMPP Server & Client


SMS Type based billing

Logging and Audit

Lowest Possible Cost of Ownership

IP Enabled Access

Easy to Use Customer Panel

White-Label Reseller Panels

MCC-MNC Based Routing

Prefix Management


Campaign & Database Management

Content Filtering

Content Firewall

Accounting & Payments

Route Quality Monitoring

Sender Management

CDR & Billing panel for Carriers

On Demand Customizations


Multiple Time Zones

  • Admin Panels for Administrators, NOC Teams, Billing Teams or Hybrid Roles
  • Customer Panel for Sending SMS Jobs, Contact list Management, Account Management
  • Reseller Panel A complete customizable Reseller Panel for Managing Reseller customer, Rate Plans, Pricings, Payments and Reporting
  • Carrier Panel: A Detailed Panel for your wholesale SMS customers & carriers for in depth CDR comparisons and Carrier billing.
  • HTTP API: Customized API for your customers to integrate with your services.

  • Robust Dashboard
  • Country & Operator Manager
  • Sender ID Manager
  • SMTP & Email Notification Manager
  • Email Template Manager
  • DND Database Manager
  • Content Firewall / Spam Manager
  • Payment Gateway Integrator
  • Campaign Database Manager
  • Supplier / Vendor Manager
  • SMPP Client Manager
  • Customer Manager: Direct, Reseller or Carrier Customer
  • SMPP Server Manager
  • Rate Plan Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Campaign / Job Manager
  • Pre-Approved Template Manager
  • Access Controller
  • Admin User Management
  • System Notifications.
  • System Log Manager
  • SMPP Client Debugger
  • SMPP Client Monitoring
  • SMPP Client Log Manager
  • SMPP Server Debugger
  • SMPP Server Monitoring
  • SMPP Server Log Manager
  • Payment Management
  • Transaction Reports
  • Delivery Reports
  • Billing Module
  • Contact List Manager
  • Contact List Customizer
  • Route Tester
  • Inbound SMS Manager
  • Keyword Routing manager
  • MO Billing Manager

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