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It is always smart to work on the certain criteria for selecting the best among the available options. In our extensive browsing session, we encountered one of such set, which is given as following:


1. Security and Risk Mitigation: There are several facets to security that a Payment Gateway must take care of. Starting from physical and data center security (where the Payment Gateway Servers are hosted), OS and Application security, Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems at the OS and Application layer, Database security, and finally Transaction security. Ideally choose a Payment Gateway which offers you Fraud Detection tools apart from just AVS and CVV2. RBI Notification on additional security for credit-card transactions RBI has mandated additional authentication/validation for all VISA and Master card transactions using Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. These are additional user intervention in the transaction authentication process.

2. Branding and Customisation: Associating with payment gateways which are known for downtime, vulnerability and slow response can impact company’s brand image and user preference to use the platform. The level of customization the payment gateway offers to integrate the payment feature within the website is also an importance aspect. Make sure to check up on the feasibility of the integration process in detail, before you commit on your Payment Gateway decision.

3. Transaction Features: There are various modes of Transaction that can be performed. Auth-Capture, Sale mode, Reversal, Partial captures, Partial Reversals etc. It is important that the Payment Gateway supports all the transaction modes. Various Business occasions require a combination of one or more of these transaction modes.

4. Comprehensive Merchant Interface: The types of reports available, the interfaces available for Searching transactions, Processing Captures and Refunds, requesting withdrawals etc.

5. Technical capabilities and supported platforms: Many payment gateways support only limited platforms for integration like PHP or JSP or ASP. So depending on your current development platform, its recommended that the technical integration aspect is also verified while choosing your vendor.

6. Hidden Costs: Most Providers will charge you these fees without disclosing them to you, Chargeback fees, Reversal fees , Termination fees, Hidden setup charges, Non-Sufficient Funds fees, Statement Fees (more for more services), Customer Support fees, Withdrawal Charges.

7. Withdrawals: While most Payment Gateways may maintain reserves for risk mitigation, it is essential to estimate within how much time you will have access to your funds.

8. Technical Support: Ensure that your Payment Gateway provides round the clock support with well-staffed and trained Helpdesk so that you can provide 24×7 support to your customers as well.


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