Educare is a complete education management system.

Hostel management- Library management

Edu care hostel management lets you predict the availability of rooms, Maintain details about different facilities and resources like beds, chairs, tables etc. Send reports to the management about the inadequate facilities, Monitor check in and check out process by students, Generate data to maintain mess per month, Ability to link this module with student information module, fee management and attendance module.

For every teacher a book is resource from which he derives his knowledge and for a student it may be light in the for a heathy institution, functional library is essential. Edu care lets you enroll both students as well as teachers, search & view books that are available in the library, set time limits and recover fines if books are not bought within the fixed limits

Exam management – Result management

Edu care exam management feature lets management perform following functions. Schedule examination, Send the exam schedule to students via email and sms, Allow students generate admit card with all the details like room no, Centre addresses etc., Assign invigilators to the particular examination center & keep availability of previous year papers

With the help of result management module, a teacher can publish online result which can be effectively viewed by students without physically coming to the institute. This saves student of travelling costs and eliminates unnecessary load on the institutes. The module can be integrated with student and teacher module for effective communication between them.

HR & Pay Roll management – Reports

A place where all the operation pertaining to employees can be managed effectively. With HR & Pay Roll management user can perform following actions. Create and generate customized salary slips, pf statements for employees, credit leaves to their accounts, manages tax deduction, timesheet, leave balance, the module lets you manage visiting faculty of your institute.

To see the overall performance of the assets detailed reports can be generated on the basis of which conclusions can be drawn. Report module lets you generate reports on the basis of various parameters like employee, student, fee, leave. The reports generated are portrayed in the form of colorful bar graphs, and charts which make them simpler for management to comprehend.

Admission management -Account management

Managing an admission process can be very laborious particularly for those institutes where students rush in huge numbers, for them this module is the best remedy. Edu care admission management module lets administration handle inquiries related admission & entrance exams. Allows students apply online, Keeps track on the total number of admission made to the forms received, Sends emails and sms to the selected students

If you want to liberate yourself from conventional accounts system, it is the right time to shift to Edu care account management module, the module automates all the accounting process in your institute & is integrated with the fee management system. With the help of account management module reports on profit & loss, balance sheet, trial balance, journal etc. are available on a click.

Time table management

Time table management module lets you create time table for students by taking various facts into helps you schedule various board meeting. You can easily manage free classes with our Edu care time table management module by checking the availability of teachers and sending them to the respective class.

Id card management

With ID card module you can make bespoke cards for students, faculty and management. The card will help the receiver while displaying his/her identity in case of exigency and will also act as a marketing tool for your institution. The ID card will depict all the necessary information of the individual like bio data, addresses etc.

Transport management

Maintains a record of the students and staff availing facility, Lists routes available through which a particular bus will travel, automatically assigns relevant and most economical route to the users, and gives management accurate data about the distance a vehicle has travelled via gprs integration & Generates Vehicle maintenance report

Alumni management

With the help of alumni management module you can Create and manage alumni with their bio data, Allow them share valuable insights with current students via emails and sms, lets you post the success stories of your alumni on your website, Referrals of your institute by the alumni, Alumni can contribute to their institute by posting jobs which will benefit current students.

Online fee collection

You can avail the facility of this module if you have chosen our Edu care premium version. Online fee collection module performs following functions, Allows your students pay fee online via different modes ,Generate online fee receipts, Send fee reminders to the students as well as parents ,Generates fee collection and fee shortfall reports & Maintains a payment history of the student

Purchase management

Purchase management module lets you automate all the purchase related processes. Add, delete and manage vendors, view & track vendors by their contact details, Conduct performance assessment of the vendors by comparing them on different parameters and track the number of purchase you have made in recent months or years.

School bus tracking

For safety & security of your students & faculty we are offering Edu care school bus tracking system with our premium version. With Gprs installed, management can track the movement of school buses, trace their route, and check actual distance covered. The module also lets you know about the fuel efficiency of vehicle and audit deviations if any.

SMS & email notifications

To keep parents students and faculty aware of the changes that are implemented in the institutes emails and sms can be sent from for time to time. Students may receive sms’s regarding bus route change, examination schedule & results while parents may get a fee reminder sms’s, notices related to their children, student report card by email.